Founder of
Amy Kitchener's
Angels Without Wings Foundation

Wanda Sue Parrott, founder of the Amy Kitchener's Angels Without Wings Foundation, was born in 1935 in Kansas City, Missouri but was raised and educated in Southern California. She returned to Missouri in 1988, becoming active in the large community of writers living throughout the greater Ozarks Mountains area.

She is past president of Springfield Writers' Guild, honorary life member of Missouri State Poetry Society, and founder of the Springfield Writers Workshop which has been meeting weekly at branches of Springfield-Greene County Library since 1992.

She is a former investigative reporter and feature writer with the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner, and syndicated feature writer with Ozarks Senior Living newspapers.

Wanda Sue Parrott has won many awards for her poetry and short fiction, as well as for her newspaper columns and features. During the 1960s and 1970s, numerous stories from the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner won national "Best Feature" awards in the Hearst Corporation's chain of newspapers. In 2002 she was honored recipient of the Alumnus of the Year Award from her alma mater, Citrus College in Glendora, California, where she served as president of the Associated Women Students in 1953-1954. In 2004 her sci-fi story "Power Lunches" won 1st Place in the Writer's Challenge Literary Association's transcendental tales contest. She won the 2007 Mistress of Mayhem Award from Sleuth's Ink Mystery Writers for her short story "Elfinetta's ETs."
Wanda Sue Parrott is seen in an early-19th-century bridal apron inspired by Amy Kitchener. She wears the garment during portrayals of Amy-as-mentor at meetings and conventions of writers and poets. Photo by Bob Linder, Springfield News-Leader


Wanda Sue Parrott, who has Chickasaw and possibly Cherokee ancestry in her family tree, also writes under the Native American byline Prairie Flower.

She has published many short works under her own imprint, Penny Peephole Publications. "Springfield Soliloquy--THE TRAIL OF TEARS--Missouri" is the major work published by Penny Peephole Publications. It is her only book of poetry. She has been internationally recognized in "Who's Who in the World" as "a new Joan of Arc" for her daring exposition in “Springfield Soliloquy—THE TRAIL OF TEARS—Missouri” of how a city can cause what she calls "second degree manslaughter by default." The book is a modern-day exposure of conditions now existent along a portion of the original Trail of Tears on which she now lives and over which Cherokee Indians came through Missouri during their forced relocation to Oklahoma in 1839.

For more information about "Springfield Soliloquy--THE TRAIL OF TEARS--Missouri" Click Here


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This 1968 photo shows Wanda Sue Parrott being named Honorary Chief of the White Buffalo Tribe, an all-tribe workshop in Los Angeles. The photo appeared in “Medicine Power: The American Indian's Revival of His Spiritual Heritage and Its Relevance for Modern Man” by Brad Steiger (Doubleday; 1974) www.bradandsherry.com
Wanda Sue Parrott, Honorary Life Member of Missouri State Poetry Society, poses during 2006 board of directors meeting in Rolla, Missouri. Photo by Al Baker

Other books by Wanda Sue Parrott include:

"UNDERSTANDING AUTOMATIC WRITING" (Sherbourne Press, 1974. Out of print).

"HOW TO TRY YOUR OWN CASE IN COURT--AND WIN!!" with Hon. Mel Red Recana, Presiding Judge of Los Angeles Municipal Court (Galde Press, 1997. 322 pages. $24.95. ISBN 1-880090-31-7).

"THERE'S A SPIRIT IN THE KITCHEN--Amy Kitchener Speaks to America" with Jackie Dashiell and Wanda Sue Parrott
Received Honorable Mention for the Walter Williams Major Work award given in 2002 by the Missouri Writers' Guild.(Galde Press, 2001. 276 pages. $16.95. ISBN 1-880090-25-2). For Information on how to receive a free copy, CLICK HERE