Neal Torrey
(1935-- )
Former Broadcast Media Director for a Michigan advertising agency
former law enforcement officer
Author, Poet
Named "Lariat Laureate" by


Rarely, too rarely, from the sea of humanity, there comes one with a special gift.
Seldom, too seldom, in this world of inanity, comes one whose calling is to lift.
Observant, a servant, seeing more than others see, feeling deeper, loving more.
Tender, a spender, giving more than received, generous, and never keeping score.

Watching and catching things others do not see, faithfully recording each event.
Writing, and inviting us to read about these things, artfully sharing what was meant.
Baring, and sharing private thoughts and observations, penned honestly with style.
Recording, and affording us a written legacy, and making it seem better by a mile.

Poets, they know it, the magic of the written word, skillfully recounting what was seen.
Sometimes, in their rhymes, creating whole new worlds, painted in alien color schemes.
Lifting, and gifting us with carrots for the mind, leading us to think on higher planes.
Firing, and inspiring, our minds to reach and grow, stretching up to ever higher gains.

Rhymer, high climber, as you seek to tell the world of the special vision that is yours.
Mounting and recounting as you ascend life's way, documenting carefully your tours.
Grieving, at leaving, with so much left unsaid, so many things not written down in time.
Better, far better, to have filled so many sheets, than to leave behind a pad with no lines.

Writer, word fighter, frustrated bard and safe, it's so hard to say what's on your heart.
Better, far better, to know if you succeed, some yet unborn may marvel at your art.
Versifier, rhyme trier, if you will do your best, you will get the proper words aligned.
Someday, in some way, your legacy may be to lift... inspiring people of another time.

Neal Torrey