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Volume IX, Number 2
News Letter
June 2010
of the World's most unique Literary Society
where we turn Scribblers into Scribes and Meeting he Muse is a way of life


Senior Poets Laureate Contest Deadline Looms

The 18th Annual National Senior Poets Laureate Poetry Competition for American poets age 50 and older is drawing to its conclusion, with midnight June 30, 2010 the postmark deadline. Following the deadline, a "grace" period will ensue so that all entries deposited in the mail on 6/30 should be delivered.

If you have not yet entered, but plan to do so, we strongly encourage you to mail early. Snail mail sometimes earns its nickname, and we would not want to disqualify any entries just because they were mailed on time but arrived too late. Cutoff date for us to log in all entries is 5 p.m., Monday, July 12, 2010. Entries received after 7/12 will be returned to senders.

To those who have already entered, please note that our mailing address changed after the door fell off our P. O. Box and the U. S. Postal Service advised that it could not be fixed. We offered to take a soldering iron and hinge to the premises and do it ourselves, but were turned down. So, the new address is now:

Post Office Box 1821
Monterey, CA 93942-1821 USA

Details about the contest are on our web site at For a copy of the 2010 SPL Competition Rules please visit the Contest--Senior Poets Laureate link on our home page. To see the 2009 winners, visit Golden Words on the home page.

Entries may also be made electronically. Entry fees for submissions made electronically must reach us by July 12, 2010.

May the muse be with you.
Wanda Sue Parrott and Vera-Jane Goodin Schultz, Co-sponsors

Wanda Sue Parrott
(aka Prairie Flower)
will sell books to
raise memorial funds
for Hester's replacement
by appearing as
The Last Indian
on The Trail of Tears


To order one copy, send $10; add $5 per additional copy.
Send check payable to Wanda Sue Parrott to:
The Trail of Tears
P. O. Box 1821
Monterey, CA 93942-1821
To read about and/or remember Hester, please click here:

Farewell to Hester. . .

Premature death ruled accidental electrocution

Hester, the much-loved e-Machines computer purchased for Amy Kitchener's Angels Without Wings Fdn. in 2007 by Senior Poets and friends suddenly died on Sun., May 23, 9:30 a.m.while I was working online. I lost access immediately to all SPL records for this 18th annual competition, the first year in which the complete Senior Poets Laureate Competition is being handled electronically. The lesson I learned was that everything on one's hard drive should be backed up, not just daily but every few minutes.

Cause of death was electrocution by a faulty power-surge protector. According to techperts who performed the etopsy, Hester's "energy source and motherboard were fried." It is possible the SPL information can be saved via "data dump" that transfers it onto the hard drive of Hester's successor, a new as-yet-unnamed Toshiba laptop.

Whether the new computer will or won't receive a name is an undecided issue. I am more concerned about paying for it, so am donning my Native American regalia and appearing as Prairie Flower at an event featuring authors on the Monterey Peninsula, Calif. I will be reprinting and selling as a fundraiser.

The book, The Trail of Tears--Missouri, contains the narrative poem about the historical Trail of Tears that passed through the land on which our first headquarters stood, land that was annually flooded. By reading the poem on street corners, at libraries, and at writers conventions, I eventually got publicity in the press which focused attention on the toxic conditions caused by my exposure to sewage and mold. After years of struggle just to breathe, I was paid $91,000 by the city and I got out of Missouri! Thus, the poem in this little book probably earned more money than any other single poem in history. Not even Shakespeare got paid five figures for shutting up. If you are interested in helping replace Hester, please order an autographed copy of The Trail of Tears.

Wanda Sue Parrott, Editor