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Albert L. Baker, Webmaster

June/July 2013

Wanda Sue Parrott, Editor


2013 “LEGENDS” Literary Challenge results announced

The second half of this year’s White Buffalo Native American Literary Competition results have been announced by Barbara Callahan Quin (Little Crow Walking Eagle), editor-publisher whose Great Spirit Publishing will produce GIFTS OF THE GREAT SPIRIT—LEGENDS—Volume IV this fall. According to Barbara, this will be the final book in the present series that contains winners of the annual White Buffalo Native American Poet Laureate Contest and Literary Challenge.

Entries were chosen by Barbara for inclusion in this beautiful volume in accordance with inspiration reflecting the cover of the edition at the right. A list of the Legends Literary Challenge selections chosen for publication in the anthology is on Page 2. Further details about the future of White Buffalo projects, and this year’s book, will be announced in the September 2013 edition of The Diploemat and online at

Thanks to all who share and care for the work of the White Buffalo Tribe and continue to participate in support of indigenous peoples, their customs, cultures and languages. May the Muse—aka the Spirit of the Great Spirit—be with you. Aho!

Wanda Sue Parrott (Prairie Flower) & Barbara Callahan Quin (Little Crow Walking Eagle)

2013 Senior Poets Laureate Poetry Competition

Judging is currently taking place. Results will be announced in September 2013 at

Wanda Sue Parrott and Al Baker are retiring. Contact us if you are interested in taking over this contest;
otherwise, this will be the final SPL contest and Golden Words anthology.

Contact Wanda Sue Parrott at

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