Thank you for your interest in the ChapBOOK SHELF & GALLERY OF BOOKS sponsored by Amy Kitchener's Angels Without Wings Fdn. This is a service offered to assist self-published writers and other literary artists gain maximum benefit from displaying their works at minimum expense.

     To achieve the goal, any sales, trades or other arrangements of a financial or merchandise-exchange nature are handled between browsers and exhibitors. The income we receive from the exhibits is used to expand, sustain and operate this website.


All exhibitors in this Gallery of Books make the same small contribution of $25 per title (or item), whether the work to be exhibited is a costly hardcover book or inexpensive softcover, audio book, electronic book, or a specialized book in Braille.

     Most works in this overall gallery are poetry or poetry-related; however, fine fiction, non-fiction and other items of interest to bibliophiles, students, educators or others interested in the fine arts may be displayed. At our discretion, "Recommened Reading" works and winners of various awards of recognition will also be exhibited.


There is no limit to the number of titles or items an individual exhibitor may display in the gallery. However, each is treated as a separate item except for a series being shown as a single collection; $25 per title/item must be received for your exhibit to be activated.


Only individual self-published private parties may place personal displays on exhibit. Commercial firms that publish books, artworks or other material of a literary nature may not post their titles here for advertising and promotional purposes, although an employee of a publishing firm or establishment that prints and binds chapbooks, books and other literary materials is welcome to exhibit as a private party.

     A one-time $25 contribution per item covers display online for the lifetime of this website, or until/unless we are instructed by the exhibitor to remove it from our archives.


Wonder if you qualify for the exhibition of your work in this gallery? What kind of published writer are you? Published or self-published? What is the difference? Until 1995, the answer would have been: self-published writer pays to get published; the published writer is paid to be published. That was then; this is now!.


The term "self-published" is open to broad interpretation because myriad changes revolutionized the evolving world of publishing during its first electronic decade. Contrary to implication, the words "self published" no longer mean "handmade by the creator," although a few writers still handcraft their own books from scratch.

     Today's self-published author usually is helped by others. He or she might compose text by speaking into a tape recorder or preparing a CD; someone else "keyboard" (types) the text into a computer that converts it into pre-made book pages to be printed and bound in one copy, or thousands--or downloaded for reading on a hand-held device with a screen. Unless a work is a homemade chapbook with staples to hold it together, a commercial printing/publishing service that specializes in making books does the assembly and trimming. So, the do-it-yourself approach is really a team effort in which you, the author, are your book's "producer."

     The producer of a book is generally the party responsible for paying production costs. The self-published writer pays his or her own costs, as opposed to traditional publishing in which the publisher pays the author for the right to publish the work.


Before the electronic revolution, self-respecting writers snubbed vanity presses, the book-producing firms that published anything for anyone. With more people publishing books today than ever before, vanity presses have come of age--although their modus operandi and appearance have changed form.

     If you are old enough to remember when no self-respecting writer would resort to producing his or her own book through a vanity-press approach, but currently believe your book does not qualify for inclusion in this gallery because it is not self-published, read on! You may be more self-published than you wanted to think you are, and new-age vanity press techniques may be responsible!.


Three of the most-common approaches to publication today are given. There are variations on these methods, so the following are loose guidelines to help you decide whether or not you are more self-published than you realize (until now).


The publisher accepts your book, pays nothing in advance, and offers periodic royalty payments on number of paid orders received. Promotion is done electronically. Each time an order is received, a book is printed and bound. You may buy them at substantial discount to give away or sell yourself.


A publisher accepts a manuscript for publication, promotion and sale, in an agreement in which author and publisher split initial print-run costs. Hard copies are produced. You get a royalty for sold copies, and are able to buy books at discount to give away or sell yourself.


This is another term for the creative ways small presses and literary presses use for survival. In outright purchase, the publisher pays for the one-time right to publish your work, or buys all rights so you no longer own the work. You may receive as little as $1 or a higher amount, and can usually buy copies at substantial discount.

     If you are legally entitled to sell your own book, regardless of how it was produced, poetic license qualifies you to be an exhibitor in this gallery.


Electronic submissions are accepted. Please submit one photo of the front cover of your literary work, with an accompanying cover sheet on which the following Exhibitor's Data appear. Your name and address are for our records only and will not be loaned or sold to anyone requesting such information for mailing lists or other purposes.

     By submitting your material for exhibit in Amy Kitchener's ChapBOOK SHELF & GALLERY OF BOOKS you agree to the online posting of such work(s) for public viewing, and will not hold Amy Kitchener's Angels Wthout Wings Foundation or its representatives responsible for any personal business or other actions in which you engage as a result of such posting. Further, you agree that such posting shall continue for the lifetime of the website or until or unless you advise us to remove your exhibit(s).

     Thank you for your interest, and welcome to our gallery of exhibits of self-published masterworks by contemporary literary artists.


(One completed data sheet should accompany each item you submit for exhibition in Amy Kitchener's ChapBOOK SHELF & GALLERY OF BOOKS. All but payment may be submitted electronically to amykitchenerfdn@hotmail.com .)

  1. Author's Legal Name
  2. Author's Pen Name (if applicable)
  3. Mailing Address
  4. E-mail Address
  5. Telephone Number
  6. Title of Book (or other Item), Publisher's name and ISBN Number
  7. Description of Contents: (Limit 100 words)
  8. Author's Biographical Sketch (Limit 100 words)
  9. Unusual facts or sales points , if any: (Use separate page, if necessary)
  10. Cost per unit (including US and Foreign postage)
  11. Number of Pages (or playing time if audio book or tape)
  12. Photo of Book Cover
  13. How potential buyers can contact you to buy direct from you
  14. Links through which buyers can purchase books, such as amazon.com info and Pay Pal

Please make your check or money order payable to: LITERARY FUND

Send via snail mail to:

Angels Without Wings Fdn.
P. O. Box 1821
Monterey, CA 93942-1821