The Ancient Egyptian ritual depicted in this wall drawing represents how some of the world’s first diploets met the muse.

The pharaoh (in tall white hat) symbolizes the scribe within you. Gaze on his hat, then close your eyes and imagine the women (creative feminine thought/feeling symbols) merge with him, so the three aspects appear as one entity. Then, let inspiration flow in its own time and way to manifest as the white light the pharoah represents.

Terry Philips, Founder of the Corps of Diploets, was an aspiring poet from West Hartford, Connecticut when he underwent life-changing inspiration in April 2003. Eager to meet the mythical muse, Terry was skeptical that such events really happen... until the muse met him!

"I got only one word. That word hit me--like--kapow!" Terry announced to members of Meeting the Muse. "Diploet. It means Diplomatic Poet. What I don't know is: What am I supposed to do about it?"

Fellow poets responded by naming Terry director of the fledgling circle of diplomatic poets who next adopted the honorary title "diploet" as one any writer who had signed "A Writer's Credo" could use. From this humble start, the path of diploecy circled the world. Join us? It's free!


Diploecy produces profound-yet-practical peace and prosperity, and includes a creative-writing critique technique that assures everyone wins/no one loses.

Diploetic power in motion promises to be more influential than military might or political prowess. and it eradicates religious conflict.

Terry Philips, the world's first Diploet, died less than six months after his meeting with the muse. His legacy lived on. Plans for development of the Diploetic Corps proceeded under the inspirational light of Pratap Kotamraju, former career diplomat and journalist from India who retired in Southwest Missouri. In January 2006, Eric H. Read became Keeper of the Seal.


The Diploet's seal symbolizes the merging of two cultures--one of the Egyptian Pharaoh's chamber, and the turquoise dreamcatcher of the American Indian. In these two separate and distinct cultures the whole of the Amy Kitchener's "Angels Without Wings Foundation" movement is realized in the 21st century.

To join other writers/poets already on the Diploetic Path, read the Writer's Credo. If it appeals to you, sign it and place it in a special spot where you have access to it from time to time, as you will want to refresh your memory about the vow you have taken unto yourself.

If you successfully abide by the principles the Writer's Credo embodies, you will sense inner changes and attitudes of upliftment as you progress on the path leading from Scribbler to Scribe, and you will come into contact with others who are active in the International Corps of Diploets, which is an Essence rather than an Establishment. You may glimpse subtle turquoise light in visions or dreams, symbolized by the Diploetic Corps' metaphorical logo: Turquoise Feathers.

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