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Volume VIII, Number 4
News Letter
December 2009
of the World's most unique Literary Society
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HOLIDAY NEWS & NOTES . . . This is a short newsletter to wish you a happy holiday season and let you know I am in the throes of learning to do webmaster workóbecause Albert L. Baker, our wonderful webmaster since the inception of the organization, has decided to retire. Also retiring is Yvonne Nunn, our great Senior Poets Laureate contest administrator in both 2007 and 2009. She is Dean of the Cyber-College of Online Poetry and, like Al, a special friend. I cannot fill their shoes, but will surely miss them a lot.

Vera-Jane Goodin Schultz, co-founder of the original Senior Poet Laureate Contest, is returning as co-sponsor or the 2010 Senior Poets Laureate Poetry Competition for American poets age 50 and older and I will serve as Contest Coordinator.

The wonderful photo of the unidentified elderly Native American woman that inspired our September 2009 Challenge (The Unknown Namesake) in which readers were invited to submit impressions they received from the image was simply overwhelming. It led to my decision to withhold publication online of the wonderful responses and publish them in a little chapbook, free of charge, to all poets who enter the forthcoming White Buffalo Native American Poet Laureate Contest. Good news is that the most-talented honorary chief of the Weeping Waters White Buffalo Tribe, Barbara Callahan Quin (aka LittleCrow WalkingEagle) will join Yvonne Londres (Dances with Poetry) and me (aka Prairie Flower) to produce a great contest in which one or more winners appear along with the responses to the challenge.

The contest is open to all poets of all ages. Indian ancestry is not mandatory. I look forward to the future and embrace the past fondly with hugs and thanks to Al and Yvonne. Please forgive me for being so brief, but I am a neophyte webmaster- in-training, meaning practically a kindergartner at 74, and don't yet know how to put anything online to view on the web site.

Thanks to Al's assistance, you may click on the website now for a sneak peek at the 2010 SPL contest rules that are too lengthy to include here. I have copied The White Buffalo Contest rules for you, pending their appearance online. Feel free to share with others.

Happy Holidays, and may the Muse be with you. Wanda Sue Parrott, Editor


The Rules for the 18th Annual Senior Poets Laureate Poetry Competition for American Poets age 50 and older are now online. Please visit our website and click on Contest: Senior Poets Laureate


$100 Award and Poet Laureate Certificate (more than one award may be given at judges' discretion)

Deadline: 2/28/10 Style & Theme: Poet's Choice Entries must be about Native American culture, history, spirituality or psychology. Poets need not be full-blooded or even part Native American, but poems must accurately depict American Indians. If enough interest is shown, this might evolve into an ongoing seasonal poetry contest benefitting various Native American tribes and organizations. Judges: Honorary White Buffalo Tribe Chiefs and Members.

RULES FOR ENTERING: All entries must be in hard-copy form (no electronic entries), typed on 8-1/2 in. x 11 in. white paper, with no decorations or illustrations. Poems must not exceed 1 page in length. Do not combine several poems on one page. Send two copies of each poem: 1 blank; 1 with poet's name, address, e-mail and phone in the upper right margin. Enclose two #10 envelopes with 1 oz. Postage, one blank and one addressed to yourself. Keep originals because entries will not be returned. Winner(s) will be announced and published in the March 2010 edition of this newsletter online. All rights revert to poet.

ENTRY INSTRUCTIONS: (5-poem limit per poet) $5 1st Poem, $3 each subsequent poem. (The $5 covers cost of a free chapbook containing the winner(s) of this contest and results of the Unknown Namesake challenge.)

Make check payable to: WSP Literary Fund. Send entry-fee and two stamped #10 envelopes to:

White Buffalo c/o Parrott
P. O. Box 103
Monterey, CA 93942-0103 USA