By Tom Williams
180 pages; Professional Press, 1999; 6 in. x 9 in.
Fiction; Quality hard cover edition; ISBN: 1-57087-478-6

Animal lovers with a fascination for politics will delight in this "Cat Power" story by the editor of Cats Confidential, a monthly newsletter that supports the feeding and care of felines at the Grey Rocks Cat Sanctuary in Chattanooga, Tennessee. When not wearing his cat-lover's hat, Tom Williams , who began has communications career as a journalist, wears his storyteller's hat to tell this tale of two cats, Napoleon and Mr. Grover, who successfully save us all from having a human monster in the White House. Feline fancy and fable aside, Williams gives readers an insider's lesson in how the often-absurd American political process works. When wearing his professional career hat, Williams runs his own advertising and public relations firm in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where he has represented candidates and referendum issues in more than 50 political campaigns. His cat protagonists serve as metaphors for stereotyped political parties. Scruffy survivor, Mr. Grover, says:"Cats don't need political parties. Hell, we're all Democrats." This raises the dander of aristocratic Napoleon, who responds with fur bristling: "Speak for yourself." When not wearing the aforementioned hats that require writing in prose, Tom Williams is a member of Amy Kitchener's Meeting The Muse Chapter of Missouri State Poetry Society.

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