By Dianna Wilder
- d. feece -

20 pages, 1st Edition 2004 by Wordrunner Chapbooks,
5-1/2 in. by 8-1/2 in

The contents of this chapbook, which cover the first three years after the Attack On America, are summarized by its poet-author on the inside front cover: September 11, 2001--As We Remember. Fifteen poems comprise this collection which encapsulates a moment in history from which Wilder has arisen as a Born Again American. She says: ...I've been writing for many years and I feel this is one of the most poignant chapbooks I have put together. I've always written about historical events and I have many to refer back to. It helps me remember what happened and why. It also reminds us that we still live in the greatest country on earth. Our people came together in a time when most needed. Let's keep it that way! The cover photo of the twin towers that were reduced to rubble on historic 9-11 makes this chapbook an excellent addition to a patriot's collection of Americana .

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Dianna Wilder