Middle Eastern Cooking
Made Easy and Fun

by Henrietta W. Romman
116 pages, ISBN: 0-9755013-1-3 Published by Titus Home Publishing, Rogersville, Missouri
First Edition 2005 © Henrietta W. Romman

Dedication by Henrietta W. Romman
"Glory be to God from whom only blessings flow." Amen. By the grace of God, I dedicate this cookbook to: My husband William. To the fragrant memory of our oldest son, Tony. To our daughter Magda and family. To our son Akram and family. I also dedicate this bounteous cookbook to every good friend whom God has assigned to welcome and befriend our family, when we moved in 1995 from the Sudan in Africa to settle here in Missouri. We thank you all for your neat and genuine interest in our culture and cuisine. I can recall along the years that during all delicious and hearty meals. my husband's constant truthful and expressive Middle Eastern prayer has been this lovely utterance:
"May God preserve the hands that prepared this meal. "

Recipes include, Bulgur (Cooked Cracked Wheat), Murabit El Ward (Rose Petal Jam), Samaka Harra (Spicy Fish), Daoud Pasha (Syrian Meatballs), Pita Bread

Testimonial by Glenda Burris, Pastor's Wife of Praise Assembly Church, Springfield, Missouri

Be a guest at Henrietta Romman's table: you are in her native city of Khartoum, capital of the Sudan, in Northeast Africa. Henrietta tempts you with authentic Middle Eastern cuisine, faithful to the original texture and taste, but which she has lovingly prepared with modem conveniences and methods so she has time for her other creative passions of inspirational poetry and prose. Besides writing a monthly column for Ozark Senior Living magazine, she teaches courses in Arabic language and Syrian cooking for Ozarks Technical Community College in Springfield, Missouri. You will find this cookbook useful and fun. You'll be serving up impressive and exotic dishes without the traditional labor-intensive methods... Just as Henrietta herself is a beautiful blending of cultures, her Ethnic cuisine will certanly bring new flavor to your everyday cooking -- or those special events!
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