by Barbara Callahan Quin
Great Spirit Publishing; 2006
ISBN 1440441318

Children's spiritual fiction; softcover; 36 pages; with illustrations by author.

"I have come, Little Crow Walking Eagle," said the voice inside. "It is time to listen to the voice of the Elders, to listen to the Wind and Sky, and feel your Heart Beat in Mother Earth. Little Crow Walking Eagle, time to fly. . . "

Thus, after receiving this message in the early 1990s, Barbara Callahan Quin, aka Little Crow Walking Eagle, began her literary spiritual journey as Great Spirit inspired her to found the mid-1990s literary quarterly Spirit Dancer and Great Spirit Publishing, producer of this book.

In this book, an elderly woman the children all call Grandmother tells the story about Little Crow Walking Eagle who did not trust her heart. How did Native American wisdom and culture help her overcome her problem, which affects people of all backgrounds and cultures? This must-read is good medicine for 21st century children of all ages.
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