by Agatha Lai
Kadat, Subah, Malaysia
First Printing 2005, 12 pages
Published by Deep Creek Hills Press, Dunn, Texas

Agatha Lai, a student-poet whose mentor is award-winning American poet Yvonne Byrd Nunn, is an international member of Amy Kitchener’s Meeting the Muse Chapter of Missouri State Poetry Society. Under the electronic guidance of Yvonne Nunn, “Aggie” has literally climbed a metaphorical mountain from neophyte to pleasantly seasoned new poet writing with ease and charm in English, her second language, in only two years. She has earned the title “ Bard of a Feather” in her first published book containing poems written between 2003 and 2005. In her brief career as aspiring poet she has flown like a Malaysian butterfly through the garden of simple, personal free verse ( I am going to be a poet, yes, yes I am, / hopefully not so long from now, I do vow … ) to light upon the colorful, metrical sands on the beaches of her beautiful country ( Today I write a poem in the sand. / each word, each line, composed to muse the day, / but come the waves to wash my words away…)
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