Random Thoughts in Poetry and Prose
Text and Illustrations By Sallie A. Hinds
Non-fiction, 93 pages, Morris Publishing 2002
5-1/2 in. x 8-1/2 in., Quality Softcover

Michigan's 2004 Senior Poet Laureate reveals how poet Henry David Thoreau probably survived isolation at Walden Pond: never-boring bonding with nature. The retired township treasurer's journal include observations of a porcupine tenderly nursing her baby; a red squirrel she calls H.T. (Holy Terror) who takes over a birdhouse; an intelligent coyote who keeps Sallie under surveillance. She delights in frogs' moonlight serenades: I call them "my little princes" of the pond. and poeticizes about a creature raiding a birdfeeder: Lulu is a raccoon, smart as she can be/ Doesn't know she has a name, she's wild and free, you see./...the woods are still, the breeze is slight, birds again have taken flight./Once again, with fading light, day is turning into night,/But once again we hear the click... we know the lever's down/It's time again, she's here to feed... our Lulu's back in town!. Unlike Thoreau, who batched it in the woods, Sallie and husband Jim share their home on the edge of the woods with Maggie: Our child with fur, whose protection and devotion is never ending.
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