Gift to a Nation
(Volume One)
by Joan Gilbert with Sketches by Adele Graham
530 Pages; MoGho Books LLC; 2004
Non-fiction; Quality Softcover; 5-1/2 in. x 8-1/2 in.
ISBN: 0-9712559-1-1

This is the first book of a future two-volume set for lovers of horses everywhere, although focus is on the author's native state of Missouri. Gilbert, whose self-published works have won many awards for literary excellence, is an avid animal rights advocate whose dedication in this book states: To all horses of all times and places, with gratitude and with apologies for what my species has done to yours. The presence of horses in the lives of Missourians is chronicled in this 59-chapter major work that starts with the historical beginning of area equines around the size of small dogs and does a fast-forward to modern horses believed to have descended from ten stallions, five mares and one foal introduced to the region by Spanish explorers in 1519. The acquisition of horses by Native Americans, with special emphasis on the Osage Indians, is included, as are many fascinating tales about horses and their humans. The legendary black mare Belle Beach, a "high school" horse, was shown in the five-gaited class by its former-slave trainer, Tom Bass (1859-1934) of Mexico, Missouri. Their team performances of dance steps to "Turkey in the Straw" drew many reviews in the press, including: She spun as if she were driving herself into the ground. She whirled until her mane and tail were wrapped around her. She glided and floated and waltzed. She climbed the air. She did everything but fly. Among awards Joan Gilbert has won are: Missouri Writers' Week Award for Poetry, 1994, and second National Senior Poet Laureate, 1994.

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