by Tom Williams

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Cats Confidential
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(90 pages; hardcover; W. R. Corp. Publishing; 2007
ISBN No. 978-9-9800533-0-2)

This quality perfect-bound hardcover for adult readers is reminiscent of our favorite childhood storybooks in feel, appearance and size (5-3/4 in. x 8-3/4 in.), but there the pleasant similarities end. Tom Williams, publisher of Cats Confidential newsletter, has given all cat lovers more than a meowthful in his imaginative story in which God, his executive assistant Gabriel, and a fascinating feline named Talulah discuss, often in metaphysical measure, such mysteries as how and why cats can perform feats not even humans can equal, including: jumping up six times their own height; communicating soundlessly mind-to-mind with humans; predicting earthquakes, storms and other impending disasters. “God only knows!” according to Williams, a cat lover par excellence, whose Grey Rocks Cat Sanctuary in Chattanooga, Tenn. provides food, shelter and love to any and all homeless, abandoned and lost felines that find their ways there. Intrigued by the question about the origin of domestic cats, which have only been here about 5000 years, Williams states, “An atheist may argue that there is no God. But he certainly can't argue that there is no cat.” This is a purrfect gift for cat moms of both genders, and every thoughtful cat lover age 12 and older deserves a copy.

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