by Ida Fasel

2006; 70 pages; Perfect Bound, Quality Paperback, 6 x 9 in.
published by: SMALL POETRY PRESS,
This is the poet's personal journey through the first five years following the day in 2001 now known as 9/11. It is also an All-American Journal. Is the title a metaphorical message imparted by those who jumped from the Twin Towers, some clutching briefcases and others holding hands before or after their bodies went splat! and their spirits rose free? Or does the poet allude to America the Beautiful's invincible ideals in which even the staunchest patriot's formerly unflappable faith has been forced to flounder or flip flop?

Ida Fasel is a master Word Worker who, at 101, is not falling but rising. The Professor Emerita of English, University of Colorado at Denver, won the Silver Award (National Senior Poet Laureate Runner Up) in the 2006 National Senior Poets Laureate Poetry Competition listed elsewhere on this website.

In a personal letter to Fasel, former President George Bush writes: "...Your poems are an inspiring response to the tragic events of September 11 and show your deep love for our country. We are glad your book has been shared with us."

Examples of Fasel's Word Working include: "Some souls/turn as they fall,/with the merest sound make/the way down the way up to clear/ morning." Also: "In the Year Of what Lord will the New Age be?" Also: "...Till music in the soul of a few/becomes music in the soul of all,/we have no common ground. Turn them off."
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