186 pages, Millenia Press, Victoria, B.C., 1996

This intimate memoir of a love story that started fifty years ago is shared by the former wife of a late twentieth-century literary luminary who, in March 1973, appeared on the cover of Time Magazine. This book of life with Carlos Castaneda--before he became, and while he was becoming, rich and famous--is not about poetry, but it contains a mystical metrical quality-- like the golden strings of an angel's harp playing sonnets of the heart. The message of Margaret's book is felt spiritually as one reads on the intellectual level of the down-to-earth realities surrounding the life of the man who gave the world the term and title "A Separate Reality" and who claimed he could turn into a crow. Margaret and Carlos met in Southern California in 1955 and married in 1960. He competed in student poetry contests at Los Angeles City College, often taking first-place awards. She wrote poetry but neither entered contests nor published her lines until now. Margaret Runyan Castaneda's signature poem appears on this website. To view it, visit the REGISTER OF SIGNATURE POEMS and click on "C." This version of Margaret Runyan Castaneda's book, about love that lasted a lifetime even though marriage ended in divorce in 1973, is no longer available in bookstores; a new version by iUniverse has replaced it. The autographed copies available as listed below are from the author's private collection of first editions which are out of print and are, therefore, rare books even though they are neither old nor used.

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