"A Not So Green Thumb,
(or Why I Took Up Poetry Instead)"
and Other Poems and Translations
Published By Multicultural Books 2005, ISBN: 0-9733301-8-X

Poetry, 108 Pages, 5-3/4 in. x 8-1/2 in. Quality Softcover Emery L. Campbell, 1999 National Senior Poet Laureate, is lauded by this collection's publisher: The music and euphony of his verse has a power to linger in the memory with facility and it is one of the functions of good poetry to be memorable. The poet, who holds a BA in French, lived in France, England and Argentina before retiring from a career as export sales executive. He settled in Lawrenceville, Georgia where he took up writing after admitting he didn't have a green thumb. ...My realm for one bright spot;/say, weeds that bloom a lot?/I haven't got a clue./It's time to ditch my trowel,/throw in the muddy towel;/my thumb and I are blue. Along with 69 poems, readers are treated to Campbellesque translations from Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Jean de La Fontaine and Verlaine, and an apology to W. Shakespeare for parodying Hamlet in a poem about hip and knee replacements that needed recall: The remedy's at times ill-starred/when fate has dealt you losing cards.. Good thing Emery's gardening flopped, else poet Manuel Duran, professor emeritus from Yale University, couldn't have written: ...his humor, his irony, make us aware of the everyday small failures that are our inescapable destiny. and ...he has learned... the hard, painful, precarious, bittersweet art of laughing at himself.Metaphorically, this fine book is Emery Campbell's bouquet of phlox that fortuitously failed!
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