Author, Poet, Artist in several media, Educator/lnspirationalist American Folksinger, Designer of the Pyrapod Art Gallery (a two-story high pyramid completely wrapped in copper)
By Al Beck

Poems, Drawings, Essays on Foundations of Creative Thinking, Phototechnographics by Carmen Federowich BOOKDOGGER PRESS
ISBN 978-0-934852-75-3

"The wit and wisdom of Al Beck never ceases to amaze and delight me, not only because he says more in one poem than dozens of other poets often fail to get across in a voluminous collection or anthology, but what is even more awe-inspiring is the fact Al can condense an epistle into a haiku with internal rhyme! Like me, he's flexible, inventive and has a grand, ageless sense of humor." Wanda Sue Parrott, Creator of Senior Poets Laureate

Yearning, curiosity and creative thinking are learning's inspirational impetus. Preconception, shivering conformity and pedagogic myopia are an intellectual fruit's rotten roots. Al Beck I'm known for some as frivolous; for others - an endangered species.

"It's more of a book than I knew. Plenty of wit and more than that. Certainly a well earned love for the haiku. The balance of light touch and seriousness is fine. And the unexpected rhyme not taking itself too seriously."Prof. David Hamilton, Univ. of Iowa; Editor, The Iowa Review

Right Brain's Bloomin' Again -- 160 Pages -- $16.00 (includes shipping)
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