Author, Poet, Artist in several media, Educator/lnspirationalist American Folksinger, Designer of the Pyrapod Art Gallery (a two-story high pyramid completely wrapped in copper)
By Al Beck
Poems, Drawings, Essays on Foundations of Creative Thinking, Phototechnographics by Carmen Federowich ISBN 978-1-60402-521-7

"Put aside any triskaidekaphobia that you might have reading Al Beck's thirteenth book. Think in terms of a baker's dozen. This book is then a savory, extra loaf of life. Will you chuckle at humorous poems and witty line drawings? Will you feel a renewed sense of nature's role in our lives? Will your understanding of the creative process be expanded? Will you be wowed by smart word play? Could Al Beck actually provide you with a new day to seize ? YOU BET!" Reader's Quote

The reader can no longer enjoy momentary pleasure without seriously mulling this thought carefully: Many concerned humans are confronting aspects of a contemporary social and technologic as well as a politically limited -- even purgatorial -- character.

The present "Diem" must be replaced.

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