Amy Kitchener's Angels Without Wings
Presents the maiden voyage of the space ship
Introducing crew member

Salt Lake City, Utah


       Aunt Matilda warns, "You'll fail, and mice will die!"
       Benji wishes he'd never volunteered this scheme. He'd studied Cat prowling for mouse ears, saw her snuggle into her pillow for her nap. It's there they'd stretch the ribbon.
       Ernie guards against Cat's return. Benji places the loosened noose. Their dangerous plan makes Benji's stomach growl.
       Cat nestles for her nap, not noticing the snare.
       They cheer. Ernie weaves the knot, and though they're both quivering, the ringer's silent in Benji's mouth.
       With knot secure, Ernie squeaks in Cat's ear, dashes away.
       Cat darts, but her bell's a-tinkling.