Each entrant’s best poem won in the 1st round of judging and competed in the 2nd round at state/regional level. These poems did not proceed through national-level competition. .

  State/Region  Name  City  Title
 ARIZONA  Jane Rian  Sedona  “The Emergency Room Physician"
 S. Vincent Barone  Green Valley  “Leaves of Joy”
 ARKANSAS  Houstine Cooper  Springdale  “Tread Softly”
 Marilyn Camden Norton  Hot Springs Village  “Hiding from the Heartache ”
 Bill Rhodes  Mountain Home  “My Mother Lies in Twilight”
 Diane Stefan  Mountain Home  “Scattered and Lost”
 CALIFORNIA  Hal Ackerman  Los Angeles  “Yhartzeit”
 John Becker  San Mateo  “To the Elms”
 Sam Doctors  Truckee  “Snatches of This Book or That”
 J. B. Drori  Lafayette  “Adagio”
 Clarence L. Hammonds  San Jose  “A Divine Connection”
 Jo Haraf  Mill Valley  “With Regret”
 John Laue  La Selva Beach  “The Man with the Metal Detector”
 Carmen A. Lee  Belmont  “Desolation”
 Ray Malus  Woodland Hills  “Coda”
 Eileen Malone  Broadmoor Village   “The Ponderous Falls”
 Juanita J. Martin  Fairfield  “Cornfields of Fredom”
 Vic McCain–Buzzelli  Apple Valley  "To My Loving Wife on
  Our First Wedding Anniversary"
 Alicia Ruskin  Valley Village  “genesis of lunch”
 Martha Clark Scala  Palo Alto  “Not Knowing the End”
 Elroy Schwartz  Palm Springs  “Act Two”
 Illia Thompson  Carmel Valley  “Keeping Hair”
 Neal Whitman  Pacific Grove  “Adding Insult to Injury: Lest We Forget”
 CONNECTICUT  Carol Leavitt Altieri  Madison  “Illuminate the Universe”
 Carol Loiselle  Plainville  “Pieces”
 FLORIDA  Lyla F. Ellzey  Tallahassee  “The Keyboard of My Heart”
 Betty Lipton  New Smyrna Beach  “Reflection”
 Carol J. Megge  Inverness  “Point of View”
 B. B. Pick  Boynton Beach  “She Cared for Me (for Misti)
 ILLINOIS  Paul BuchheiL  Chicago  "Train Station"
 INDIANA  Linda K. Carpenter  Huntington  “Crossing the Bridge”
 Dianna Wilder  Winamac  “The White Stallion”
 IOWA  Margo Rupp  Cedar Rapids  “Mia”
 MAINE  Diane Dense  Wells  “When Darkness Falls”
 Fred Benton Holmberg  Ogunquit  “For Anne”
 MASSACHUSETTS  Rev. Charles P. Blakney  South Hadley  “Belvedere Mountain Sunday”
 Sylvia Reilly Collins  Wenham  “Charlie”
 Marian Kaplun Shapiro  Lexington  “What Would I Do Without You?”
 MINNESOTA  Doreen Lindahl  Keewatin   “Fourth Grade Badge”
 Judy Olson Mosca  North Mankato  “Climbing Mountains”
 MISSISSIPPI  Sandra H. Bounds  Macon  “Love’s Long Season”
 Dorothy Rogers  Lucedale   “The Saced and Profane”
 MISSOURI  Albert Beck  Monroe City  “Poli-Prayer”
 Terry Smith  Fair Grove  “My Old Convertible”
 Wesley Dale Willis  Eldon  “The Meek Inherit Nature”
 NEW HAMPSHIRE  Jane E. Marshal  Hampstead  “The Contest"
 Nancy E. Woodward  Atkinson  “The Rain Storm”
 NEW JERSEY  Anthony DeMonte  Sayresville  “A Rail Road Song”
 Irwin Dunsky  Matawan  “The Lesson”
 Ron Hernandez  Monroe Township  “Commiserata”
 Frances A. Karnish  Lakewood  “Love: The Memory Keeper”
 Paul Lavelle  Old Bridge  “The Family Junk Drawer”
 NEW YORK  Rees Davis  Bearsville  “Elemental Wellsprings”
 Herbert Siegel  Long Beach  “Within a Person”
 NORTH CAROLINA  Jean Calkins  Waynesville  “Six-Step Shuffle (June Bug Dance)”
 Lynn Veach Sadler  Sanford  “What was Wrong He Did Not Know or Say”
 PENNSYLVANIA  Karen Loges  Camp Hill  "Early MorningLullaby:
Dawn at the Homeless Shelter"
 Therese Norton  Avondale  “Broken“
 D. Wayne Reid  Carlisle  “Reidy’s Digest”
 Dorothy Safko  Harrisburg   “Crying in the Silence”
 Byron Smith  Lancaster  “Sculpted”
 Arlene G. Snyder  Lancaster  “A Time to Fly”
 Geneva J. Wiggins-Collins  King of Prussia  “Survival”
 Patty Yockey   Lancaster  “Bow Reason”
 SOUTH CAROLINA  Shirley E. Berry  Myrtle Beach  “Sometimes the Answer is ‘No’”
 Ellen Ficarra  Myrtle Beach  “Trophies of War”
 Anthony J. Lucas  Pawleys Island  “Garlic”
 Jim Rogers  Surfside Beach  “Family”
 Troyce Leona Tollison  Anderson   “A Heart Test”
 Marie Balice Ward  Little River  “Joyful Justine”
 TEXAS  Kaye Voigt Abikhaled  West Lake Hills  “The Angel"
 Von S. Bourland  Happy  “Coyotaje”
 Sally Clark  Fredericksburg  “Room 232”
 Arturo Cantú Hernández  San Antonio  “The Unchosen Christmas Tree”
 Marianne McNeil Logan  Amarillo  “Poetry’s Powers”
 Sheila Tingley Moore  San Antonio  “Sun Flowers and a Study of Naivete”
 Yvonne Nunn   Hermleigh  “Meeting the Grim Reaper”
 Nick Sweet  Shepherd  “While She Slept”
 Loretta Diane Walker  Odessa  “Clipped”
 UTAH  Bob Bader  Murray  "Graveyards"
 Robert Lynn Brown  CedarHills  “Grandchildren”
 WYOMING  Echo Klaproth  Shoshoni  “Studying Shoshoni”
 Aaron E. Holst  Sheridan  "Four Winds"
 A. M. Hummel  Hulett  “Chance Encounter”
 Abigail Taylor  Sheridan  “On a Summer Evening”