Helen Webb
2011 Ohio Honor Scroll Award

Helen Webb, 84, of South Point, was the Ohio Senior Poet Laureate Award winner in 2010; she is a longtime supporter of SPL competitions, and a well- known winner of regional and national creative writing contests. She is a retired teacher and natural storyteller. Helen has published one book of poetry entitled 62 Poems That Sing. Her sign of the zodiac is Virgo.


I've never looked upon the face
Of angels guarding me,
But I believe they are around.
I do not need to see.

So many times I've had close calls,
But have escaped unharmed.
An angel must have rescued me
When I was so alarmed.

Once on a very icy road
My car began to slide.
Out of control downhill I went,
Slid over to wrong side.

A car was coming up the hill,
But just before we crashed
A hand, not mine, took full control,
Kept us from getting smashed.

As if by magic my car's wheels
Were turned, then--straightened out--
Continued safely down that hill
By angel power, no doubt.

Helen Webb

Photo Credit

"The Angel Gabriel" from a Lucky Mojo brand Catholic novena candle label showing the spirit as an annunciator. Visit www.luckymojo.com/archangel.gabriel.html