Doreen Lindahl
2011 Minnesota Senior Poet Laureate

Doreen Lindahl, 82, Keewatin, retired from The Hibbing Daily Tribune after a 26-year career as family editor. She returns to the SPL winner’s circle, having last held the Minnesota Senior Poet Laureate title in 2009. Doreen used earnings from income as a stringer to study graphoanalysis in 1953 with the International Graphoanalysis Society. She enjoys nicknames (Dorita and Thought Flower), but uses her own name professionally. The mother of five is a Toastmasters and author of several unpublished books. She's a Virgo.


A Cockatoo met a Peekapoo at the corner of the block.
“How do you do?” said the Cockatoo. “Shall we take a walk?
And talk?”

“Delightful,” said the hairy pup. “At the same time, I surmise,
We can discuss the whole world fuss and rejoice or agonize.”
(So wise…)

They talked of toil for precious oil and the frantic quest in space,
And “equality not for them, just me,” and the mad, mad money chase.
“Dumb chase,”

Said the Peekapoo to the Cockatoo, “and it’s anybody’s guess
If we’ll survive any more than five more years in all this mess.
Such stress!”

“The world is ill the way they kill,” commented the bird.
“The way some claim it’s in God’s name is totally absurd!”
“I’ve heard,”

The Peekapoo told the Cockatoo, “that we’re wiser far than man.”
“We could save face for the human race,” said the bird, “I know we can!”

They came to a gate and the pup said, “Wait! I will claim this gate for me!”
“I can claim it, too,” said the Cockatoo, as cocky as can be.
“It’s free!”

First they snarled and snortled, then chuckled and chortled.
“We’re acting just like men,” said the Cockatoo to the Peekapoo,
“but I’d rather be your friend.”

And the walk and the talk
came happily to

(December 8 and 9, 1981: Purists may object to my spelling – my apologies.
As to the poem’s conversation, I think it’s sad that the topics still hold true today.)

Doreen Lindahl