2011 Louisiana Senior Poet Laureate
Vickie Crenshaw

Vickie Crenshaw, 59, of Bossier City is making her debut as a special representative of the National Annual Senior Poets Laureate Competition for Amrican poets age 50 and older. She is the first disabled SPL who resides in a care center; her poetry was submitted by friends. She validates the belief among caregivers that poetry is good therapy. Vickie has no prior publication credits or awards. She has four children and four grandchildren. Her sun sign is Taurus.


I've something to share . . . A story to be told
About a man whose heart was pure gold.
I met this man a few years ago;
There's so much about him that you should know.
He traveled the roads both night and day
Searching for those whose lives he could save.
He didn't care if you were bad, rich or poor,
He only loved you all the more.
Why? He changed lives of many with just a few words
Until all over the land . . . of him they had heard.
Though some wouldn't listen, he didn't give up,
Knowing that he was their only hope.
There's more to this story I feel should be told
About the man whose heart was pure gold.
He was loved by few, and hated by many
As far as friends go, it seemed he didn't have any.
The time did come when his life they would take;
They mocked him and nailed him to a wooden stake.
As tears and blood fell from his face--
His side pierced through and through--
His only thoughts in his dying breath
He said.."Father forgive them, they know not what they do."
However, he knew that's the way it would be,
For his father had sent him for you and for me.
Now you may think this story is ending
But I'm here to say it's just beginning.
For three days later he was raised from his grave
And is searching still for those lives he can save
So now you know in the story I've told
That Jesus is the man with a heart of pure gold.
He had been sent to die for our sins.
Now in our hearts . . . he lives again!
If you would like to meet him, let your heart ask him in
From that day forward he is your best friend!

Vickie Crenshaw