Golden Pen Award
Living Poet
Bruce Howard Hamilton

Bruce Hamilton of Monterey, California is an undiscovered poet who has self-published more poetry books than most poets can dream of writing. He began writing several decades before this photo was taken.

One of his newer books is SMUG SENRYU, a collection of 240 syllabic haikulike ‘itemettes,’ intended to be very jokey, very fun, according to the iUniverse back jacket. . .

Bruce Hamilton, whose other pen names include Bruce H. Hamilton and Bruce Howard Hamilton, attended Yale College for two years. He assiduously has devoted most of his literary practicing to such basic pieces as limericks and sonnets, with a wry twist of senryu. Bruce's wordwittery is apparent throughout his gamut of double entendres and reverse views, such as this poem which casts fresh new light on the most-traditional-and- therefore-trite topic of all poetic subjects. Bruce is published with iUniverse, XLibris and Authorhouse. He can be found online through Barnes & Noble at b&, or by Googling whichever of his pen names you prefer, starting basically with Bruce Hamilton.


To remember life,
several corpses might stand up
and play the organ.