Agatha Lai, 68, of Kudat, Sabah, Malaysia is a retired school teacher who has served as International Diploet--meaning poetic diplomat--since 2005. The award is sponsored by The Diploemat, quarterly newsletter of the Amy Kitchener Angels Without Wings Fdn. "Aggie" is a Bardlet in the class of award-winning international poets in the Cyber College of Online Poetry, of which Yvonne Nunn is dean. As an honorary member of the team, Aggie has participated as a judge in past SPL contests. She enjoys line dancing, large sunglasses, her three children and eight grandchildren. Her sun sign is Gemini.


She searches through the toys to free the past
from cells of cupboards, cleans the dust and dirt;
a doll without her eyelids stares at her,
there lies a pencil case, its contents gone,
once black and white, now yellow, photographs–
the faded pictures of a cat, long dead;
her bedtime friend till mama chased it out.
Although these toys once filled her little world,
the path to bygone days is barred and locked;
tomorrow whispers, “Leave those days behind.”
The seasons fly, the child is now a dame;
her life is busy; children, jobs and chores–
she works for bread and things, the cream of life.
At times her hand will hold a mouse to reach
another stage, to act another part,
for , lost among the nappies, milk and toys,
she seldom writes of late, but reads old rhymes
for fun; the household crowds both heart and mind.
What joy to see them run and play and laugh
and hand in hand they walk across life’s street.

Agatha Lai