Carolynn Jill Brown
W. Virginia Senior Poet Laureate

Carolynn Jill Brown, 64, Charles Town, has been writing poetry since childhood. She loves riding her boogie board in the Atlantic Ocean, near which she grew up as a child. She now lives in West Virginia with her husband Darrell. She loves cooking exotic food and making jewelry as gifts. She has two daughters and five grandchildren. This is her second appearance as a SPL in GOLDEN WORDS.


Running across the sandy dunes I jump into your arms.
You toss me in the air and catch me as I fall.

Sometimes you dress dull and drab in a pitiful gray.
But last night in the moonlight you were wearing sequins of fire.

Your moods change; playful one moment and wild the next.
Many fear you and have died in your treacherous arms.

But to me you are a friend and comfort me with your voice.
You can roar like a lion but it sounds like a whisper to me.

I love the essence of your fragrance; it calms my inner soul.
The taste of you, though bitter, lingers and makes me feel alive.

You are steadfast and I count on you always being there.
Those invisible doors keep you within your boundaries.

I have moved far from you--yet you haunt me in my dreams.
Your serenity I dwell upon and long to feel your touch.

I look at your pictures and whisper, I will return to you one day.
When summer comes and there you will be waiting for me.

I will feel alive again; I will be reborn as I dive into your embrace.
As you wave to me and welcome me home - my beloved glorious SEA!

Carolynn Jill Brown