Robert Lynn Brown
2011 Utah Senior Poet Laureate

Robert Lynn Brown, 80, Cedar Hills, makes his debut as Utah Senior Poet Laureate award with a poem about his aging prostate (for which he claims he has no further need). He has 6 children, 32 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren. Before he retired to spend time gardening and writing poetry, he was a high school Spanish and English teacher for 10 years, followed 30 years living abroad with the cultural/informational arm of the U.S. Foreign Service. His sign is Aquarius.

”Pee” as in Prostate

“P” is for prostate. They say it’s a gland.
Why I still need one, I don’t understand.

They say it makes semen. You know what that’s for.
For me that’s now useless as tits on a boar!

I have all the symptoms you hear in the ads
Which push saw palmetto and other such fads.

I wake up at night needing badly to go;
but I struggle at length to make anything flow.

I can’t get it done without multiple starts.
And no one can tell me why every start smarts.

Sometimes a drizzle; sometimes a drip.
Not like when you’re young and can shoot from the hip!

Now you know why men tell you, “Old age is a gyp!”

Robert Lynn Brown