Cindy Bechtold
2011 Utah Honor Scroll Award

Cindy Bechtold, 62, Lehi, describes her occupation as “a stay-at-home grandmother employed by my three-year-old grandson.” She is the mother of three children, grandmother of eleven, and “in charge of the kid in me.” Her passion is poetry. She is author of Polished Edges chapbook published by the American Folk Arts Council in Utah. Cindy is president of the “Word Weavers” chapter of the Utah State Poetry Society. She is also a quilter, water-color painter and happy camper. Her sun sign is Cancer.


I hid in the shed the day he died,
escaping the grown-up circle, tears
talking to each other.

Reeking moth balls stung my eyes
as I opened the box nailed to the wall,
brimmed full with bundles of fat ties.

The maroon one with flaming flowers
stood out like a soldier sent ahead,
the rest fading insignificance.

Dad appeared in the doorway
shadowing the sun streaming in.
I rubbed my eyes.

In slow motion I ran into his arms,
ties dangling from my fists. Maroon
falling to the floor.

Cindy Bechtold