Hilda F. Wales
2011 New Mexico Senior Poet Laureate

Hilda F. Wales, 76, of Albuquerque returns as a New Mexico Senior Poet Laureate. She and her husband Don have been married 53 years. They have four children and eight grandchildren. She lived in Latin America for 10 years with shorter stays in Europe. A long-time interest in international issues was nourished at the United World College, Montezuma, New Mexico, where Hilda was counselor and student services coordinator for fourteen years. Her poetry is published in various venues. Her sun sign is Aquarius.


Sometimes we walk through fields of thistle
wearing sleeves and gloves,
sometimes without.
With scratched and bleeding arms,
bouquets of purple clouds in jars,
sometimes we choose the pain
of bearing beauty.

Hilda F. Wales