Each name followed by an asterisk (*) represents a guest poet laureate who received an Honorary Senior Poet Laureate award that did not qualify for final judging but which made possible a “first” in the 19-year history of the Senior Poets Laureate contest: inclusion of all 50 states.

  State/Region Name  City Title
  ALABAMA  Donna Jean Tennis  Montgomery  First Kiss
  ALASKA   Albert L. Baker*   Juneau   What I Am
  ARIZONA Carrie Backe  Payson   Shirts
  ARKANSAS   Verna Lee Hinegardner   Conway   Misfit
  CALIFORNIA  Jo Carpignano  San Mateo  The Yellow Bus
  COLORADO  Terry Sale   Littleton   Antinoos Slain
  CONNECTICUT  Carol Leavitt Altieri   Madison   Nature’s Wide-Screen Light Show
  DELAWARE  Priscilla Nemeth  Long Neck  The Thought of Saying Something New
  or Dear in the Middle of the Night
  FLORIDA   Valerie Esker   Beverly Hills  Haibun
  GEORGIA  Emery L. Campbell   Lawrenceville  Declaration of the Forswearing
  of Ophidian Decortication
  HAWAII   Calamity Jane Goodin*  Honolulu  The Mystery of Granddad
  IDAHO  Michael Tatum  Rexburg   Casualties of the Big Thaw
  ILLINOIS   Beth Staas   Westmont  Slipping Away
  INDIANA   Gail M. Brant   Anderson  Too Late I Know My Brother
  IOWA   Susan L. Lemon   Dubuque   Born in a Barn
  INTERNATIONAL  Helen Bar-Lev  Metulla, Israel  Two Zinnias
  KANSAS   Marie Asner   Overland Park  Kansas Summer
  KENTUCKY  Christine Strevinsky   Shepherdsville  Here a Church, There a Church,
  Everywhere a Church Church
  LOUISIANA  Vickie Crenshaw*   Bossier City  The Man with a Heart of Gold
  MAINE  Roger Finch   Cape Neddick  An Unmarked Grave
  MARYLAND  Patrick Fogarty   White Plains  Sic Transit
  MASSACHUSETTS  Marian Kaplun Shapiro   Lexington   Decision
  MICHIGAN  Sallie A. Hinds  Au Gres  Loneliness
  MINNESOTA  Doreen Lindahl   Keewatin   The Cockatoo and the Peekapoo
  MISSISSIPPI  Patricia Butkovich  Gautier  Pick-Up Truck
  MISSOURI  Marilyn K. Smith   Fair Grove  Sawmill
  MONTANA  Diogenes Rosenberg*   Bozeman  Male Bonding in the Wild
  NEBRASKA  Kathy L. Arens   Ewing   Wool Sock
  NEVADA   Raynette Eitel  Las Vegas  At the Irish Pub
  NEW HAMPSHIRE  P. Stansfield Tarbox  Wolfeboro   The Writers
  NEW JERSEY  Raymond Reininger  Sayreville   Welcome Home
  NEW MEXICO  Hilda F. Wales   Albuquerque  Purple Clouds
  NEW YORK  Jane Heidgerd  Rhinebeck   Learning to Kiss with Glasses
  NORTH CAROLINA  Jean Calkins   Waynesville  The Secret of San Bernard River
  NORTH DAKOTA  Theodore Skaggs*   Fargo   Trav’lin Money
  OHIO   Joseph A. Psarto   Westlake   The Moon and the Dog
  OKLAHOMA  Carol Dee Meeks  Tulsa   Sacred Gifts Come with Surprise
  OREGON   Kate Marsh   Burns   The Stone has Skipped
 PENNSYLVANIA  Mildred Taylor   Ligonier  The Rebel
  RHODE ISLAND  Doris Deleuze Raffaele  Lincoln   The Tender Hour
  SOUTH CAROLINA  Verna Puntigan   Spartanburg  The Cats
  SOUTH DAKOTA  Polliann Nuckolls Thomas  Hot Springs  Rhapsody in Time
  TENNESSEE  Edgar Allan Philpott*  Memphis  Double Deception
  TEXAS  Gary D. Swaim   Irving   Three-Penny Nails
  UTAH   Robert Lynn Brown  Cedar Hills  Pee as in Prostate
  VERMONT  Regina Murray Brault  Burlington   Star-Gazers
  VIRGINIA  Elaine Morgan  Warrenton  Mindful
  WASHINGTON  Frieda Risvold  Des Moines  Delivery
  WEST VIRGINIA  Carolynn J. Brown  Charles Town  The Bond
  WISCONSIN  Prairie Flower*  RFD  Ta-Bac’s Revenge
  WYOMING  Linda Ruhle   Worland  Glitter