2011 Scribe’s Scroll
Ray Malus

Ray Malus, 68, lives in Woodland Hills. He was the 2010 California Senior Poet Laureate award winner. Ray is active in the California Writers Club, from which he received the 2011 Jack London Award for distinguished service to branches of the CWC in the San Fernando Valley. Ray is webmaster and, until recently, was editor of The Valley Scribe, newsletter of the San Fernando Valley branch of the CWC. Ray is an active actor, playwright, poet, and a retired teacher and computer programmer. His sign of the zodiac is Aries.


Look deep within your core and know the heat
of longings that have been so long denied.
And voids that echo, empty, incomplete —
The ash of passion smoldering inside.

Now, take my hand, and I will take you where
the dampened lavas of your longings hide.
And safely guide you where you do not dare
refute the pulsing wants that yet abide.

We'll wipe away the waste of barren years
And raise the shattered ruins of hot desire.
I'll fan the coals, still sodden with your tears
and cauterize your soul with tongues of fire.

Oh let me lead you, borne on wings of trust,
to where "I can't" becomes again, "I must!"

Ray Malus