Kate Marsh
2011 Oregon Senior Poet Laureate

Kate Marsh, 69, of Burns, is a retired author of Systems Manuals for custom-built yachts. She is now a volunteer for Harney County Writer-in-Residence program for students. An award-winning poet in Willamette writers circles, she also enjoys riding 4-wheelers in the desert and touring with her husband on a Harley Davidson. Her sun sign is Pisces.


This was her child, this son, brother, father
Suddenly migratory, moving through the ether,
A stone skipping on a wide bright stream.

She is the stream, the mother our lives skip across
Who bears witness to the passages,
Observes slow motion endless memories -
Widening circles in the smooth
Broad pools of the days that follow.

The stone has skipped; the stream repairs.
The waters that flow between
The banks of her resolve
Reflect the peace that favors her
For having loved so well.

Kate Marsh