Dena R. Gorrell
2011 Oklahoma Honor Scroll Award

Dena R. Gorrell, 79, of Edmond, is no stranger to Senior Poets Laureate fans. She has been a great supporter of the contest since its inception in 1993, and has won numerous awards. Dena is a retired secretary happily married to John, her husband of 57 years. She is an avid poetry contestant who has won more than 1000 awards. By winning the highest number of awards in annual contests, Dena was named Poet Laureate of the Poetry Society of Oklahoma in 2004, 2005 and 2010. Her sun sign is Gemini.

(Shakespearean Sonnet)

In mountains of Virginia long ago,
I walked beneath a bridge that nature built
and heard Cathedral organ music flow
on wafting breezes with a special lilt.

As strains of grand old gospel hymns rang out,
the great soul-stirring song “How Great Thou Art”
soon made me want to lift my voice and shout.
I felt my soul soar upward through my heart.

And with the music of “Amazing Grace,”
“I Would Be True,” and then “Sweet Hour of Prayer,”
beneath the warm, gold sun I raised my face
to catch the rays of glory shining there.

As well-remembered tunes fell on my ear
I sensed God’s spirit hovering quite near.

Dena R. Gorrell