Diane “Dee” Bowlin
2011 Oklahoma Honor Scroll Award

Diane “Dee” Bowlin, 62, lives in Oklahoma City. She is a retired restaurant owner and corporate training specialist. Her hobbies include gardening, dancing and writing poetry and song lyrics. She was named 2011 Poet Laureate by the Oklahoma Poetry Society, and her song lyrics “Honey Grove” were performed at the Honey Grove, Texas annual festival. She won the “Collective Works Songwriting Award” in the 2010 Song of the Year Contest. Dee’s sun sign is Scorpio.


I found an old box in the attic,
getting ready for moving day.
Under the lid were sad love songs,
each written when you went away.
The words told of lost love and heartbreak,
the loneliness lovers go through.
The papers were stained with teardrops
as I cried over losing you.
The lyrics were packed in the attic,
hidden far away from my heart.
Reading them now a year later,
it's clear how I made a new start.
At first it was hard to forgive you,
but hiding these words made me strong.
I'll leave this box in the attic
and put my new dreams in a song.

Dee Bowlin