Sallie A. Hinds
2011 Michigan Senior Poet Laureate

SALLIE A. HINDS, 81, Au Gres, is serving her third year on the Zoning Board of Appeals in Sims Township. She has published six small volumes of poetry. She loves the quiet, wooded, inspiring surroundings of the Huron Breeze Golf Course by which she lives; birds and natural beauty keep her pen busy sketching and writing. Sallie and her husband Jim, high school sweethearts, celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary this summer. They have two married daughters and one married granddaughter. Sallie is a Gemini.


Tonight I heard the night bird sing
A melancholy tune...
With not a star to dot the sky
Not even silver moon.
Today was such a gloomy day
The sun refused to shine,
When rain came down in torrents
The tears that fell were mine.
Oh yes, I heard the night bird's song...
Sad as sad could be,
Though others heard his song as well
He sang it just to me.

Sallie A. Hinds