William M. Tarnowski
2011 Massachusetts Honor Scroll

William M. Tarnowski, 76, of Boston is seen here with one of his paintings. The retired physician who pens thought-provoking humorous poetry, is an active painter whose works were exhibited this year in Cambridge, Massachusetts. St. Charles, Missouri, Strasburg, Pennsylvania and New York City. Dr. Tarnowski and his soulmate, to whom he has been married 53 years, have one daughter who lives in Florence, Italy. When she, her husband and son came to visit this summer, the whole family spent two weeks on Cape Cod. His sun sign is Aries.


A question crossed my mind one night: I wonder if Hell's real?
Believers say "Of course it is, you atheist schlemiel!"
But I take little comfort from opinions of the crowd.
In such disputed matters only fact will be allowed.

The question was just where to start and who would be my guide.
Most people who have made the trip unfortunately died.
I don't refer to "hoi polloi" who molder in the ground,
But men returned who were not burned, whose judgment I find sound.

You may remember Dante to whom Virgil showed the way.
A sybil helped Aeneas near the shining Naples bay.
I "Googled" blind Tiresias, but got no useful hit;
('Twas he who told Odysseus to pour blood in a pit.)

I think I'll put my search aside. I don't want to seem caustic.
But with regard to "is Hell real?", let's say that I'm agnostic.

William M. Tarnowski