Michael Tatum
2011 Idaho Senior Poet Laureate

Michael Tatum, 64, of Rexburg, is a sociology professor who also writes under the pen name Michael Williamson. His titles which he lists as "valued" include, along with Idaho Senior Poet Laureate for 2010 and 2011, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Friend and Neighbor. His hobbies include meeting people, visiting friends, writing, journaling, gardening, traveling and "creating good memories." Michael's sun sign is Taurus.


May they rest in peace

Both Mr. and Mrs. Snowman
Today, they gave up their lease

As they toppled over
Falling to the ground
Looking like two little drunks

Or maybe the victims
Of a drive-by shooting

Both lying there
In a sad and pathetic mass

Their liquid remains
A pool of melted snow
And that is how it goes

When the big thaw comes

Michael Tatum