Gail Denham
2011 Oregon Honor Scroll Award

Gail Denham, 71, of Sunriver, is a native Oregonian of Finnish and German descent. Although listed as retired, she remains an active writer, book seller and collectables dealer. She is widely published in many genres, including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, photography and publicity. She and her husband Dan have been married 53 years. They have four children and fourteen grandchildren. Gail's sun sign is Capricorn.


Wrongness fills the page. Where did the quiet go?
Somehow great globs of silence disappeared in sink
holes, while massive monster truck noise overhead
sealed escape routes. Music and video game repetition
bombards from every direction, fries the brain.

More and more holes swallow peace. Small talk peaceful
dusk gatherings on old-fashioned white railed porches,
where you almost hear the blink of fire flies, and acappella
frog melodies mix with distant choruses from great horned
owls and loons have vanished.

Gail Denham