Sylvia Ruth Sampson-Haney
2011 Georgia Honor Scroll

SYLVIA RUTH SAMPSON-HANEY, 57, Stockbridge, Georgia, women's health case manager, follows in her mother's Senior Poets Laureate footsteps as a poet/award-winner. She is the daughter of 2004 National Senior Poet Laureate, Barbara Ruth Sampson. Sylvia is an animal advocate, an artist, and a writer who earned her Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from Georgia State University. Her sign is Cancer.


The more of those I loose of Earth
The duller are the greens,
The quieter is the mirth,
Less joyful it all seems.
The sunset is never quite as bright,
Less exciting are new places.
But, oh, the glory of starlit nights
Aglow with these new faces!

Sylvia Ruth Sampson-Haney