2011 Washington Senior Poet Laureate
Frieda Risvold

Frieda Risvold, 81, of Seattle, is returning Washington Senior Poet Laureate. A retired bookkeeper and office clerk who has specializes in short verse, she is inventor of a poetic form known as the Atom. Frieda is a cat lover, genealogical researcher, and writer searching for her roots. She says “I grow things—like a family tree, I’m a gardener.” Her sun sign is Scorpio.


way back
when I was
a child, I had a
crush on the paper boy.
He taught me how to fold
and toss the paper off just right.
It got so I'd deliver his whole route
by myself, when needed, like if he was sick;
until the day I caught him kissing my best friend.
Service canceled.

Frieda Risvold