2011 South Carolina Senior Poet Laureate
Verna Puntigan

Verna Puntigan, 65, of Spartanburg, succeeds herself as the 2011 Senior Poet Laureate in South Carolina, an honor she has held several times. She contributes to cookbooks, including the local Mobile Meals Meals on Wheels cookbook and The Stroller Cookbook column in her local newspaper. She writes articles, but poetry is her first love. She is a lover of nature, beauty and cats. Verna's zodiac sign is Scorpio.


They are four-legged,
Fur-bearing extortionists,
Who shepherd us underfoot
To their next destination,
The food dish.
They sleep fat, and walk thin;
Motivated by urges like humans,
Only having the courage to live it.
They are Gods and Goddsses
Of our househbolds, and
We are their staff,
With smiles on our faces.

Verna Puntigan