2011 Montana Senior Poet Laureate
Diogenes Rosenberg

Diogenes Rosenberg, 76, guest Senior Poet Laureate camping her way across Montana, is this contest's co-founder and current administrator, aka Wanda Sue Parrott. The poem featured as winner was actually the first Pissonnet ever written after Wanda invented the Pissonnet form under the pen name of Diogenes Rosenberg in 1998. It is here to fill space, since no poets from Montana entered the contest. Because the form was easier to invent than to write, Vera-Jane Goodin Schultz teamed up as collaborator to help kick it off. The Pissonnet is now in the public poetic domain. Vera-Jane and Wanda co-founded the first Senior Poet Laureate Contest in 1993. Diogenes' sign is Aquarius.


Bright May day fright; brush shakes, makes rush; bear growls; howls scare
“RUN, son!”

(The world's first Pissonnet, invented by Diogenes Rosenberg and co-written with Vera-Jane Goodin Schultz, 1998)