2011 Alaska Senior Poet Laureate
Albert L. Baker

Albert L. Baker, 75, is a Guest Senior Poet whose imaginary treks from Skagway to Juneau enable him to photograph invisible polar bears at work and play. He is filling the Alaska slot, since no entries were received from the state of Al's dreams. A former professional photographer, he's been webmaster since the Senior Poets Laureate contest and GOLDEN WORDS anthologies began appearing exclusively online in 2004. Al writes a few poems--very few--all of which reveal a secret about him: he's a grass-roots philosopher who likes end rhymes sans punctuation. His sign is Aquarius.

By the way did you know that Polar Bears are Irish


I can make you happy
I can make you cry
I can confuse an issue
and make you wonder why

I am the whisper softly
in your lover's ear
I can bring a fortune
or I can bring a tear

I am the lie that takes away
your trust and all that's dear
I am the shout most loud
that brings you dread and fear

I am a careful thought
a weapon used by man
I am this thing called language
You make me what I am

Albert L. Baker