Maureen Paccione


The beautiful stone bridge
Life surrounds us as we repose there
Our thoughts ramble, along the trickling stream
We set a twig adrift, then follow its progress intently,
As it wanders aimlessly
Obscuring our eyes, from the sunlight
We rest
Becoming that twig, on a wayward journey
Our silent thoughts mingle
The twig trips and turns
Down the stream
Discovering new avenues
In which to stop and linger
Energized by the bounteous surroundings
We depart, the astonishing stone masterwork
Meandering along the tranquilizing trail,
We seek our little wooden adventurer
A robin watches from above
To our awe and wonderment
Our stick is nestled under her warm,
Downy breast
A new life, begins again

Maureen Paccione, whose pen name is Moe, is a 55-year old struggling artist from Harpers Ferry. She and her husband, a retired police officer, live 1200 feet above the Shenandoah Valley in the mountains of West Virginia. She is a self-taught artist whose work has sold throughout the U.S. and has been featured in the Journal Newspaper. She has two children. Her sign is Capricorn.