Dr. Charles A. Stone


I had a happy dream last night
and found it still smiling
on my pillowcase this morning
long after it should have turned off
the night light and slipped away
in the embrace of a dying moon.

In my dream I was a dancer,
whirling and twirling, free of
the confinement of five senses,
in a world where I balanced
on the edge of time and finally
felt the rhythm of the universe.

There were other dancers
moving through the night sky and
when they brushed against me
a flurry of stardust would light
upon the galaxies at our feet.

When I saw you looking up
from one of those galaxies
I decided to return to your arms,
knowing that the Somewhere is a real place
to which we would return together after
we have finished our waltz across Texas.

Dr. Charles A. Stone, 68, of Austin, is the pen name of a retired medical geneticist who had such a great time using the nom de plume that he kept it. He recently won a White Buffalo Calf Award winner in the White Buffalo Senior Poet Laureate contest first announced in our 2009 Golden Words. He likes archaeology, gardening, cooking and travel. He has two children and six grandchildren. His sign is Cancer.