Polliann Nuckolls Thomas


I really liked the poem you sent;
"tall tales" you told and off I went.
Your words were like the winds of summer;
I thought: this cuz is a funny bummer.

We so enjoyed our times together;
we dazzled in all kinds of weather.
The day I stepped on spider bad,
your scream was heard in Holy Land.

You made me cry, and tattled, too.
I thought: this girl is like a zoo.
My Auntie Coyle sent me home;
I cried and cried and felt alone.

What had I done that was so bad?
It broke my heart and I was sad.
Grandaddy Cain heard what I’d done
And roared to both aunts, "Go get her now—and on the run!"

Now after all is said and done,
two little girls played, had so much fun.
We’ve been close each day in heart and soul;
we’ve weathered life, and on we go.

We are quite different: one short, one tall.
Believe it, we’ve seen it all.
No matter our ages, no matter the time,
We forever stay tuned by love and by rhyme.

We’ve lived with changes far and wide.
We’ve weathered storms like buffalo hide.
One lives where "Dances with Wolves" took place.
One lives near the ocean and wide open space.

One lives in Lakota Land—the Presidents Four.
One lives where there’s stars of faces galore.
One is from the south, one from the west;
both like to be silly and crazy at best.

The athlete, dancer, cheerleader and runner:
blue-eyed and feisty shades of her mother.
She was honored to play her trumpet and "Taps"
for fallen soldiers of fifty years past.

The poet, model, author with honors
is unique and delightful,
her great beauty and strength
is like no other.

Our Bitter Sweet Lives over many years
led one of us to the historical Trail of Tears.
One looks like Grandaddy’s garden of pride,
a mixture of melons and strawberry pie.

We both love great hats.
Grandmother set the pace.
Our mothers and aunts were a sight to behold,
and were full of such grace.

So goes the story of two cousins
still around;
had little time together,
but are totally bound.

So, Wanda Sue, faithful friend,
may you shine like a star;
you are in my troubled heart
from near and from afar.

Soon, a new chapter will begin
for us; until then
Peace, Joy and Love.

Polliann Nuckolls Thomas, 77, of Hot Springs, moved to South Dakota after retiring from apartment management in Omaha, Nebraska. The only child of legendary Iowa high school coach A. C. “Crook” Nuckolls, Polliann was a star on the Glenwood High School girls basketball team. She loves interior decorating, gardening, dogs and cats. She has a daughter, Tami, and grandson, Nic. She is a Capricorn.