Carol Clark Williams


I shall be thin enough eventually,
with cheekbones sharp as glossy girls’ of fashion.
Lidded and locked where critics cannot see,
I shall be thin enough. Eventually

this too, too solid flesh shall melt away,
carrying with it hate and hope and passion.
Where even hair and barest bone decay,
I shall be thin enough eventually.

"Melt pounds off in your sleep!" the ads proclaim—
in the long view, a claim more truth than fiction.
No use for diets, no more food for shame.
I shall be thin enough, eventually.

Carol Clark Williams, 64, of York is a retail sales manager. She is Poet Laureate of York City, a poetry workshop facilitator, and author of several chapbooks. Her latest, Escaped Without Injury, was published by Naissance Press. She has two sons. We warmly welcome her to the 2010 circle of senior poets and hope to see her work in future competitions. Carol’s astrological sun sign is Capricorn.