Venetia Sjogren


I want to be tawny instead of beige
tawny is exotic
and hints of sandalwood and patchouli

serenades in tropical gardens, sensual whispers and secret rendezvous
while beige is a patrician dullard
beige is steady, beige stays the course

I want to be viewed versi-color
my emotions visually flavored
by a pantheon of vivid hues
a bon vivant
who is known for her scintillating, sparkling repartee
and grand gestures
a rebellious Isadore Duncan, dancing arms upraised
fingers snapping, hazel-fletched eyes beckoning and challenging
while scented, passion-flowers appear puce
under shadowed indigo nights

I want to be a night person
eschew sensibilities, responsibilities and 9-to-5 moralities
run with the live-fast-and-die young crowd
eternally beautiful and daring
Faustian even
I want to be banned, yet a envied darling of the titillated mobilis vulgate
Yes, I want to be tawny instead of dull, steady beige

Venetia Sjogren, 52, of Palmyra , a newcomer to SPL, describes herself as a disabled person with multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia, who has written since she could breathe, “or at least think cognitively.” She describes her job with the Social Security Administration as “my daytime grunt earn-the-gruel gig.” She is an atheist of mixed cultural heritage who is a humanist. Her birth sign is unknown.